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What is Active Nutrition?

As humans move through life, their nutritional needs as well as their physical and mental capabilities change. Active nutrition is all about meeting these changing needs.

‘Active Nutrition’ is a hot topic; it’s good to understand how it differs from ‘Sports Nutrition’.

According to Euromonitor International, active nutrition is defined as, “a lifestyle choice with the primary objective of optimising both physical and mental performance”.

Over the past decade, sports nutrition has entered the mainstream market as active nutrition has become a leading market segment.

Consumers are looking to stay healthier for longer.  At the same time, they also recognise that their current nutrition can impact their ability to lead a healthy life. As a result, they are gravitating toward functional ingredients and driving the demand for sports nutrition style products.

Sports nutrition products are becoming increasingly mainstream from a consumption perspective. Protein powders now appear in mass channels like supermarkets and protein bars have become a staple for convenience.

This is not necessarily driven by regular gym goers, but time-scarce, health conscious consumers who are embracing the concept of active nutrition.

The result is a booming sports nutrition marketplace, with global growth of 207% between 2010 and 2018. This shows that consumers in general are looking to stay healthier for longer and see diet as a vital part of this – gravitating toward sports products marketed around functional and healthier ingredients.

The shift from ‘sports’ to ‘active’ nutrition has expanded market opportunities.

This shift from ‘Sport Nutrition’ to ‘Active Nutrition’ is expanding the range of consumer products beyond muscle building and performance enhancement. Consumers are eager for products that combine several benefits in one package.

Sports brands are experimenting with added blends or supplements to expand from performance to other needs, for example, newer blends might include collagen for hair, skin, nails and bone health, adaptogens for mood and energy, or mushrooms for anti-inflammatory, mental health and performance.

With the growth in the diversity of products, so there’s growth in the demographics purchasing them. Sports nutrition, a category once geared toward weightlifters and athletes, has now expanded to everyday consumers, consciously seeking a healthier and more active lifestyle.

‘Active Nutrition’-positioned products, therefore, are offerings that are specifically formulated to support consumers of all ages engaged in leading a healthy lifestyle which integrates physical exercise.

A unique feature of Active Nutrition is its relevance to all life stages, from childhood right through to old age.


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