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Nutrition is critical for health and development. It’s the science that interprets the nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, health and disease.

Better nutrition is seeking and providing high quality ingredients from reputable manufacturers to support the health of families in our communities.

Better nutrition takes into account current local and global nutrition and health concerns, global trends and developments in ingredients, new technology, international consumer product launches and practical application of ingredients.

When sourcing new ingredients or suppliers we specifically look for companies that follow food safety guidelines, have food safety programs in place, and are audited for compliance and improvements.

We audit our suppliers following a risk management cycle.

This means:

  • We consider the markets the materials are going into, like infant formula or special dietary foods.
  • We consider whether our customers will incorporate ingredients into foods being heat treated or simply blended and repacked.
  • We even take into consideration the ingredient value and volumes supplied when evaluating any product quality risks to our customers. Those with higher risk are audited more regularly.
  • Raw materials are vetted for compliance to international monographs (GB, USP, BP, JP, FCC, JECFA etc) and reviewed against FSANZ and TGA requirements as appropriate to the application.
  • All materials are supplied with supporting quality documentation.
  • Heavy metals, microbial load and contaminants are all considered against industry standards for raw materials we offer.

Farmers at Puredia’s organic seaberry (sea buckthorn farm) in the Himalayas 

We like to understand how ingredient manufacturers are considering social responsibility and ethical sourcing of raw materials.

We love to work with companies who are supporting their local communities with financial support, education and equal employment opportunities, and those following fair trade practices.

We consider the sustainability of products in relation to their origin and raw materials. And, we seek supply partners who have considered the environment and the impact their operation has on it.